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English Over-Piping Tutorial

Lambeth/Borella wedding cake tutorial


Remember Kate and Prince Will’s wedding of course you do. The 8 tier cake caught my eye and I had to learn more about how it was made. I found out it is a technique

 called Lambeth or Borella. Very popular in Europe by the way.

I also found out there was a lack of information on how to make these cakes, and I became obsessed. Guess what.. I was not alone in my quest.

In-fact the more I searched the more I encountered a bunch of frustrated people venting about the lack of information on this subject. I could not understand why this type of cake was so mysterious. I became obsessed and had to find even a crumb of help.

Thanks to youtube I did. I actually found much more than a crumb. I found a full video.

Here is the amazingly detailed video

For more information visit

Having Fun with The Lambeth Method


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